Article on spin-orbit coupling by Josep Cabedo et al.

3 October, 2019

Our first article on spin-orbit coupling in Bose gases has been been submitted to publication. ArXiv link


Coherent spin mixing via spin-orbit coupling in Bose gases

J. Cabedo, J. Claramunt, A. Celi, Y. Zhang, V. Ahufinger, J. Mompart

We study beyond-mean-field properties of interacting spin-1 Bose gases with synthetic Rashba-Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling at low energies. We derive a many-body Hamiltonian following a tight-binding approximation in quasi-momentum space, where the effective spin dependence of the collisions that emerges from spin-orbit coupling leads to dominant correlated tunneling processes that couple the different bound states. We discuss the properties of the spectrum of the derived Hamiltonian and its experimental signatures. In a certain region of the parameter space, the system becomes integrable, and its dynamics becomes analogous to that of a spin-1 condensate with spin-dependent collisions. Remarkably, we find that such dynamics can be observed in existing experimental setups through quench experiments that are robust against magnetic fluctuations.

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