Chojnacki Leilee (OIST) seminar

14 October, 2019

Next Monday October 14th at 12:00, Chojnacki Leilee (OIST, Okinawa, Japan) will give a seminar at the classroom C5b/025.



Topological states in the Arbitrary Finite Kronig-Penney model


Topological insulators are systems whose bulk eigenstates possess a non-trivial topological index. They have attracted much recent interest due to the necessary existence of topologically protected edge states in correspondence with the non-triviality of the bulk, and such interest has led to many recent experimental realizations. Further, given the high control achievable in modern cold atom experiments, the physics of simple integrable systems can also be realized in some cases.

In this talk, I will present an integrable and flexible single particle model that generalizes the Kronig-Penney model, called the Arbitrary Finite Kronig-Penney model. I will show how properties of 2D topological insulators can be observed in the band structure of the 1D Arbitrary Finite Kronig-Penney model.

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