Mathias Mikkelsen (OIST) seminar

18 February, 2020

Next Tuesday February 18th at 10:00, Mathias Mikkelsen (OIST, Okinawa, Japan) will give a seminar at the classroom C5b/015.



Dynamics of strongly-correlated bosons in the continuum


The experimental realization of effectively one-dimensional geometries and the manipulation of two-body interactions possible in modern cold atomic gas experiments has seen a renewed interest in the theoretical study of strongly-correlated one-dimensional mesoscopic gases. In this talk I will give a brief overview of these topics and present some of our work on the dynamics of strongly interacting one-dimensional bosonic gases (Tonks-Girardeau limit) confined to an optical lattice and the information scrambling of two bosons in a harmonic oscillator at finite interaction strengths. In the former case we see how driving the system while close to the critical point of the well-known pinning transition leads to stick-slip dynamics analogous to classical models of friction.  For the latter system we discuss how the out-of-time order correlation functions (OTOCs) distinguish different types of dynamics after sudden changes in the Hamiltonian (quenches).  In particular we see a profound difference in the long-term behavior of these OTOCs when comparing a quench of the trapping frequency and a quench of the interaction strength, reflecting the irreversibility and complexity of the quench in question.

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