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1) Objectives:

REDEC’s research is focused on the reliability and variability of CMOS nanoelectronic devices, emerging devices and integrated circuits.  Electrical characterization and modelling of the device time-dependent variability in these technologies is carried out adopting a multilevel scale, covering from the nanoscale to the device and circuit levels. The aim is the development of physics-based compact models for the reliability circuit simulators required in the Design-for-Reliability context. This approach is extended to other emerging nanoelectronic devices, as Resistive Switching and graphene based devices.


2) Keywords:

CMOs technology, nanoelectronics, reliability, variability, electrical characterization, Atomic Force Microscopy, aging mechanisms, compact modeling, TCAD simulations, Resistive Switching, RRAM, Graphene devices, neuromorphic hardware.


3) Research lines:

  • Characterization and modeling of the aging mechanisms (RTN, BTI, HCI) in advanced nanoelectronic devices, including process-related variability. Nanoscale (with CAFM) and device level evaluation.
  • Compact modelling of the aging mechanisms, for their inclusion in circuit reliability simulators.
  • Resistive Switching devices. Device characterization and modelling. Computing architectures.
  • Variability sources in graphene-based nanodevices.


 Impact of failure mechanisms on device and circuit performance


 Nanoscale characterization of the electrical properties and reliability of electron devices


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