The main goal of the Seminar on the Near East Prehistoric Archaeology (SAPPO) is the study of the origins and development of the first farming communities in the Near East. This line of research started in 1989 and has been broadened by the development of ongoing research also in the Western Mediterranean, which has enabled researchers to investigate and understand the Neolithisation process throughout the Mediterranean basin. 

Under the direction of Professor Miquel Molist (Prehistory Department, UAB, Autonomous University of Barcelona), the SAPPO research team was boosted in 2005 when it was recognized and awarded as a Quality Research Group (2005-SGR-00241 004). In 2009 such recognition was renewed and completed a successful period (2005-2012) of highly international experience and recognized studies, which has led us to become one of the most consolidated research teams working on the Neolithic in the Mediterranean basin.

Our research is based in keeping a balance when developing both constant and diverse fieldwork in different countries and sites, and carrying out subsequent research through the study and analyses of the abundant, valuable and first hand archaeological data produced via fieldwork. We consider these to be the key parameters and the framework under which to carry out high quality studies, and contribute with reliable data and innovative interpretations to our research line.

The SAPPO research group also considers our work must contribute to social and professional development for students, international cooperation and conservation and dissemination of the archaeological heritage.

The SAPPO, located at the Prehistory Department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona is composed of a wide arange of research and teaching staff (PDI), technicians (PAS) and adscribed collaborators from different research institutions.