TIM - TransMedia Catalonia International Meetings

TransMedia Catalonia International Meetings (TIM) are internal events in which the group's present and future research is discussed. They normally feature an invited talk by an external speaker, presentations by group members, and a final discussion. Information about the previous TIMs can be found here.


11th TransMedia Catalonia International Meeting (TIM)

14 May 2021


10:00 Welcome by Anna Matamala

10:15 Estel·la Oncins: A New Erasmus + projects: IDEA  

10:25 Faberllull: Victor García MediaVerse, Marta Brescia TRACTION

10:45 Estel·la Oncins: Final results of the LTA project

11:00 Industrial PhD by Oriol López

11:15 PhD presentation by María Jiménez Accessible Communication for Refugees in third and public sector organisations: capacity building through ICT tools such as REBUILD

11:30 PhD presentation, by María Eugenia Larreina: Con sus palabras: la accesibilidad a los videojuegos para las personas ciegas y con baja visión

11:45 Pilar Orero & Estel·la Oncins: Organisation for GAAD 2021

11:50 Closing remarks and project update, by Anna Matamala




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