La Caixa- Projectes de Reflexió 2020

La Caixa- Projectes de Reflexió 

Workshops, Debates and Seminars at Palau Macaya, 2020-2021.


A call to fund proposals is held every year by la Caixa Foundation with the aim of fostering dialogue and reflection on the subject of human development and sustainability. The goal is to strengthen its role as a meeting point for key agents in society, such as associations, public administrations and professionals, and to tackle today’s challenges in a holistic way, overcoming academic and sectorial barriers. The aim is to become the meeting point for all of these social agents, encouraging them to work towards establishing priorities, detecting new approaches and to promote the economic development and transformation of society.

UAB presented a proposal named ATRAC based on the H2020 EU funded projects TRACTION and SO-CLOSE. ATRAC will create a knowledge network towards designing innovative projects to facilitate the integration of young migrants. Based on this connection, ATRAC will promote dialogue between the different parties, encouraging an exchange of experiences as well as identifying needs and practical solutions. The activities over the course of the 12-month project will consist of seminars, 2 debates and some workshops.

The first will host an introductory debate on October 1st, 2020 between representatives from the TRACTION and SO-CLOSE projects, to discuss the expected goals and results of ATRAC along with how the community as a whole can participate.

Also at Palau Macaya on October 1st, 2020, a seminar will be held on with representatives from public administrations including the Generalitat de Catalunya and city council who will share their experiences regarding equality and welcoming migrants into the community. This will be followed by a second seminar, this time to explore and expand on co-creation methodologies by involving migrant youths from neighbouring communities in Barcelona.

Another debate will be hosted between young migrants and entities on November 19th, 2020, with the aim of discussing shared challenges. This activity of SO-CLOSE and TRACTION will adopt differnent apporaches for each of its pilots with regard to community co-creation methodlogies. This activity is framed before the evaluaiton of all co-creation activities within the projects. ATRAC seeks to generate synergies between external expert groups with TRACTION and SO-CLOSE. This activity will encourage the exchange of valuations and the drawing of conclusions from various perspectives, as well as the dissemination of partial results and possible replicas in other scenarios outside the framework of TRACTION.

ATRAC will also host 2 workshops at Palau Macaya in parallel to one another on May 15th, 2021. The first, a more technical activity aimed at designing the knowledge platform to be used for co-creating with the communities. This platform will be a point of exchange of knowledge in digital formats. The second will examine the use of new audiovisual formats in participatory art as a tool for cultural growth, both within the community and on a personal level.Description of the activity (justification and dynamics).

The final event will take place on June 10th, 2021 to  test the platform and host a final debate which will present the results of ATRAC contextualized within the TRACTION and SO-CLOSE projects. It will play host to a number of key international speakers from the arts, the social sector, public administrations and cutting-edge technology institutes. This event will be open to all identified entities: NGOs, public administration, private entities, schools and others.

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