Mobile Week - Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2021

TransMedia Catalonia will have a space at Mobile Week Tecnocampus (Mataró) as part of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2021, July 7th, 2021, 10:00 am - 14:00 pm (CET)

Mobile Week was born with the aim of offering citizens a space in which to actively participate in the changes brought about by technological innovations.

Technology is at the centre of human interaction, a universal experience which was shared  by all during COVID19. The lessons learnt during the past year will help in drafting entrepreneurial approaches for business resilience, where both technology and humans are at the centre of any development. “Leaving no one behind” in the new post-COVID era is the second principle in the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. This is the focus of research at TrandMedia Catalonia.

TransMedia Catalonia (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) will create a showroom where participants can learn and interact with five different technologies: 360 environments, eye- tracking, citizen journalism, ubiquitous and seamless human interaction with space, and accessibility consultancy and training. 

There will be short thematic presentations guiding you through our topics of research and and specialists will master class the different technologies:

Spaces and technologies

Eye-tracking - This is one of the tools used at TMC to understand how people consume media content. This has enabled the exploration of human interaction with texts, such as reading subtitles in immersive environments.

360 environments - Media accessibility has become a key issue on the global agenda. These new authoring capabilities offer new forms of content, which must be delivered with accessibility in mind from the point of design.

Citizen Journalism - Establishing de-centralised social networks to empower the citizen as a reporter, turning consumers into prosumers, enabling them to connect in content creation scenarios. 

Accessibility Consultancy and Training (Accessibility in mobile phone applications) - This year the European Accessibility Law will be transposed across Europe. At TMC we offer consultancy on the various ways to implement and comply with existing legislation.

Consultancy on LAB TAV consultancy in eye tracking and accessibility



360 environments: Víctor Garcia (10:30)

Eye-tracking: Mar Brescia (11:00)

Citizen journalism: Pau Pamplona (11:30) 

Ubiquitous and seamless human interaction: Pilar Orero (12:00)

Accessibility consultancy and training: Estel·la Oncins (12:30)

Horizon Europe - European Innovation funds and TMC projects: Anna Matamala, Pilar Orero (13:00)


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