Javier Franco Aixela

Javier Franco Aixelá is a senior lecturer at the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the Universidad de Alicante (Spain), where he teaches literary translation, ethics, documentation and theory of translation. For twelve years, he was a professional translator and as such has published about 40 books in Spain. He has coordinated the Translation Studies Ph.D. programme at the Universidad de Alicante, which was awarded with a "quality mention" by the Spanish Ministry of Education. His research topics include the bibliometrics of translation, medical translation, and the manipulation of culture in translation, with some 50 academic publications in these areas. In the last decade, he has mainly focused his research on bibliographic and bibliometric matters, and he is the creator of BITRA (Bibliography of Interpreting and Translation), available online, and comprising almost 70,000 records as of March 2017. PhD (UMIST) is the head of research at CAIAC Research Centre (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain). Director of the European MA in Audiovisual Translation at UAB. Recent publications: Topics in Audiovisual Translation (2004) John Benjamins. Co-editor with Jorge Díaz-Cintas and Aline Remael of Media for All: Subtitling for the Deaf, Audio Description and Sign Language (2007) Rodopi. Co-editor with Anna Matamala Listening to Subtitles: SDHoH (2010) in Peter Lang. Co-writer with Anna Matamala and Eliana Franco of the Voice-over: An Overview (2010) in Peter Lang. Co-guest editor with J.L. Kruger Perspectives on Audio Description (2010). Leader of numerous research projects funded by the Spanish and Catalan Gov. Leads TransMedia Catalonia. She lead the Audio Description and Audio Subtitling group at UN agency ITU 2011-2013 focus group on Media Accessibility  and she is now working for WSIS+10. Co editor of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 N on Audio Description. She holds the INDRA accessibility chair 2013 and leads the EU project HBB4ALL.


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